Corkboard – Physics puzzle


Corkboard is a physics puzzle game where you need to arrange items on a cork-board to get a ball to bounce into a basket. You will encounter a broad variation of levels and items. From pegs, pens and scissors to childrens wooden blocks. It will take skills to master all the 11 levels and you need to be smart and steady on the hand.


  • Over 100 different physics items
  • 11 levels with varying difficulty
  • Touch based drag and drop

Designed for pads but can be played on any device.

Get the app from:

 googleplayicon  amazon   Opera Mobile Store   (iOS App Store coming soon)

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BarTalk – New Android app released! (iOS version is coming soon)


Have you ever felt the need to communicate where voice isn´t a choice? Like ordering at a crowded bar or sending a message across the dance floor in a club? BarTalk is your solution, clear messages for noisy and soundproof situations. Select from multiple themes and quick messages, like a rolling LED display, blinking texts, love theme, burning fire moving text and more…

How about some quick-messages? From a simple thumbs up, to a blackboard you can draw your own message on. Even a simulated Zippo lighter to use when you ask for a light or just to get in the mood. Use the quick-messages to ask someone to dance or just throw them a kiss. You can even hail a cab with the STOP-TAXI blinking message.

  • 8 Themes for text messages
  • 10 quickmessages
  • Last used phrases list

BarTalk is the toolbox you have been waiting for. Where voice isn´t a choice!

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Get the app at Google Play, Opera Mobile Store and Amazon. (iOS version is coming soon!)

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Santas Delivery (Android Game)


On Christmas, Santa has to deliver all the presents. That is very hard work. But luckily he has the best sleigh and the most awesome reindeer’s as helpers. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, leads the way with his glowing nose.

In this very hard game you have to help Santa get the gifts down the chimneys. All that hard work, while driving Rudolph at the same time. The mechanics of the game reminds you of the very popular and almost impossible game “Flappy Bird”. By tapping the screen you will have to make sure that Rudolph does not hit any chimneys, clouds or falls to the ground.

To make it a little extra impossible, you need to hit the chimneys with gifts, press the gift-button to throw a gift. If you hit the top of a chimney you get 1 score-point.

Gather the Gift-sacks as the come along to filler up your stock on gifts to throw down the chimneys.

  • Very hard to master
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Multi-share function (Share on all share-able places you have in your device)
  • Re-play-ability (Random placed items)

Se if you can beat your friends in this Christmas themed game.

Get the game here:



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