BarTalk – New Android app released! (iOS version is coming soon)


Have you ever felt the need to communicate where voice isn´t a choice? Like ordering at a crowded bar or sending a message across the dance floor in a club? BarTalk is your solution, clear messages for noisy and soundproof situations. Select from multiple themes and quick messages, like a rolling LED display, blinking texts, love theme, burning fire moving text and more…

How about some quick-messages? From a simple thumbs up, to a blackboard you can draw your own message on. Even a simulated Zippo lighter to use when you ask for a light or just to get in the mood. Use the quick-messages to ask someone to dance or just throw them a kiss. You can even hail a cab with the STOP-TAXI blinking message.

  • 8 Themes for text messages
  • 10 quickmessages
  • Last used phrases list

BarTalk is the toolbox you have been waiting for. Where voice isn´t a choice!

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Get the app at Google Play, Opera Mobile Store and Amazon. (iOS version is coming soon!)

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