Due to unforeseen circumstances around the use of the name “Plague” and trademark laws. The game can no longer be sold under the current name. We are in contact with Steam on how to proceed, but we are looking at a total re-branding and that will take time. We do not know at this point, if the game will be removed from Steam or just put on hold. We are working with Steam to come up with the best solution for everyone. Frosty Elk will continue to develop the game and a new brand and name will be announced as soon as we have a new one set. For now, we have closed down the webpage, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and will continue to take down everything that is using the old name and brand. This is a real set-back, but we will prevail!

The Plague, released on Steam!

Today November 14th 2018 Frosty Elk is releasing its first PC-game title, The Plague.

Through Steam Early Access we are now releasing our game The Plague. The Plague is a True FPS action game set in a medieval themed fictional world. 2 teams, 4 classes and lots of infected. Take sides in the battle against a greater enemy. Fight the enemy, the plague, and in the end be winners. Choose your style of gaming, be the team support or on the frontline. Play as an Archer, Crusader, Plague Doctor or the Blacksmith.

The Plague is released with

  • 10 different kinds of Infected: From the fearsome Black Knight to the lowly rat, nothing is safe from the plague. These infected populate most maps and will attack anyone and anything.
  • 4 maps played in Team Objective: Siege a castle, join forces with the enemy to defend a tollhouse, only to then take control of it, and more. Attack or defend key objectives to win.
  • 3 Team Deathmatch maps: A war of attrition, kill or be killed. A straight up fight between the factions about who can kill more than other.

It’s time to fill your quivers with arrows, sharpen your blades, put on your mean faces, and go to war.

The Plague is released on Steam and costs $19,99.

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Announcing new title: The Plague

Frosty Elk AB is proud to be announcing their upcoming new pc-game title The Plague.

The Plague is an online multiplayer, Real FPS. It can be seen as a mix of Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead and RTCW.

It all begun hundred of years ago on a land called Agatha! A land divided by two factions, the Mason Order and the Agathia Knights. Booth factions believe they have the right to the throne, and have been waging war over the crown for as long as anyone can remember.

But death takes its toll, dead corpses and blood red rivers makes the perfect growing grounds for deceases of all kinds. Where and why it all begun, is still unknown. At first it was only a few infected in a small village. But it rapidly grew and spread all over Agatha.

The two factions who ones where fighting each other, now has to stand side by side to fight an even greater enemy, the Plague! But the hate still grows strong within the factions, and it is not with joy that they have to seek help from the enemy.
There are a few places in Agatha where the plague has not yet reached, these places now have a huge value. As if the plague where to take all enemies, only the strongest will stand tall. The strongest survivor will be the rulers.

Take side in the battle against a greater enemy. Fight the enemy, the plague and in the end be the last one standing! Choose your style of gaming, be the team support or at the frontline. Play as an Archer, Crusader, Plague Doctor or as a Blacksmith. The four classes are each needed to form the perfect team and become the winners.

Read more about the game and follow the progress while it is being developed.

Release date is not yet set, but it is aimed for a late 2018 release.

/Frosty Elk AB

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Ringaling 1.8 update!

A new version of Ringaling should be coming to your devices soon. The new version fixes a bug with the sound button, it also makes use of a newer background platform that should increase the speed of the game on all devices.

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The app is updated on Google Play, Amazon Apps and Opera App Store.
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Click on images above to get to the download pages!

Earth Hour 2015

On Saturday, march 28th it is time to shut down, power off for the globes survival. Frosty Elk AB will shut down all our electric items, turn off the lights and take an hours break and just listen to the silence and look out into the darkness.

Even though we make a living out of electric powered items, we feel it is the exact same reason why, that we need to understand the impact our industry has on the environment.


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