Santas Delivery (Android Game)


On Christmas, Santa has to deliver all the presents. That is very hard work. But luckily he has the best sleigh and the most awesome reindeer’s as helpers. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, leads the way with his glowing nose.

In this very hard game you have to help Santa get the gifts down the chimneys. All that hard work, while driving Rudolph at the same time. The mechanics of the game reminds you of the very popular and almost impossible game “Flappy Bird”. By tapping the screen you will have to make sure that Rudolph does not hit any chimneys, clouds or falls to the ground.

To make it a little extra impossible, you need to hit the chimneys with gifts, press the gift-button to throw a gift. If you hit the top of a chimney you get 1 score-point.

Gather the Gift-sacks as the come along to filler up your stock on gifts to throw down the chimneys.

  • Very hard to master
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Multi-share function (Share on all share-able places you have in your device)
  • Re-play-ability (Random placed items)

Se if you can beat your friends in this Christmas themed game.

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