WarFallen and ESEN in a strategic cooperation!

Frosty Elk AB has initiated a strategic cooperation agreement with the Swedish esport production studio ESEN eSports AB about marketing and e-sports production of the upcoming multiplayer FPS game WarFallen, which will be released on May 28, 2019.

World premiere of WarFallen in ESEN eSports production studio

With the launch of WarFallen, ESEN eSports and Frosty Elk is holding a launch party which takes place at ESEN eSports production studio in Bromma, Sweden on May 28.
At the event, participants and journalists can test the game, and watch a show-match between two professional teams in esport. Frosty Elk will present the game from stage. Interviews with the founders of Frosty Elk and ESEN eSports are available on site.

Talk to the press contact no later than May 27 if you are interrested in attending the event.
Matti Johansson, press-contact
+46 76 811 65 66

Esport in WarFallen

Overview map, esport broadcast

About WarFallen

Enter into a unique style of online team warfare set in a medieval world filled with challenges and objectives. Choose a character class that possesses unique weapons, items, and abilities, as the teams compete not only against each other but also against the infected that now roams the land.

WarFallen is a game that can be seen as a medieval Team Fortress 2, with lots of infected npc´s running around as a third team that hates everyone.

  • Online multiplayer FPS for Windows PC.
  • Variety in game objectives, drive a prison-wagon, siege a castle, burn, steal and defend outposts from the infected invasion or battle for the last drop or blood.
  • Four different game-modes, Objective, Soul Collector, Pillage and Team Deathmatch.
  • All weapons can be used as Melee or Ranged. Block with your bow or throw your greatsword.
  • Build, repair, upgrade, heal, infect, toss caltrops, place traps, call in distant trebuchet fire support, construct exploding fire-arrows and more with the characters unique abilities.
  • Full eSport support.
  • Built for online games, but provides bots for offline practice.
  • Tutorial for learning the basics.
  • Full Steam support with achievements and stats.
  • Controller support.
  • Dedicated server is provided for Windows and Linux.
  • Built using the Unreal Engine 4.