WarFallen, Major Content Update 1.1.0

We listened, read and took all your wishes into account. This content update gives the player a hugely improved combat feedback.
By improving the battle sounds, adding automatic taunts, bigger effects and colored swing trails. The whole combat experience is vastly improved. So much in fact that we felt that a Duel game-mode was in place. With 3 new maps to duel it out on, you can now take on a friend or a bot and see who the better player is.

Team Deathmatch feels like something from the past, so we have replaced this mode in all maps that used it. We also added a new game-mode called Crown Wars. A new way of playing king of the hill, you actually take the crown and place it on your head. Your team need keep their king alive, as for each second the king lives, the team gets score. But the king has to remain inside the hall, if he goes beyond its borders, the crown will return.

Not only can you measure your skills in a Duel, we also added a progression system. Earn XP by and climb the 50 levels to reach the ultimate top.


  • Player Progression System. Earn XP and level up.
  • New ‘Crown Wars’ Game Mode . Hold the Crown for as long as possible.
  • New ‘Duel’ Game Mode. Three new maps to duke it out with a friend or practice with a Bot.
  • Improved combat feedback. Colored swing trails, bigger effects and more bold sounds.
  • 54 new Achivements.

Full changelog at Steam: